Sponsorship management


1.the position of being a sponsor:
“the company’s sponsorship of the tournament”
synonyms: backing – support – patronage- funding
financing – promotion – aegis – auspices – help – aid – assistance

Sponsorship provides an opportunity for companies, associations, individuals but as well as for events & congresses, to achieve their financial, marketing or social goals.

Sourcing & acquiring sponsors is not the hardest part of a sponsoring company. Sponsorship is all about building and maintaining long-term relationships. Sponsorship is how much value you can add to both parties.

In corporate terminology, Sponsorship is a form marketing in which a corporation pays for all of some of the costs associated with a project or program in exchange for recognition.

With over 20 years of experience, Group Congress, Exhibition & Event services has developed long term relationships with major sponsors and exhibitors in variety of industries. Experts in sponsorship sales, with a proven track record of increasing revenue from sponsorship sales and bringing the right sponsors to your event.

Group Congress, Exhibition & Event Services provides complete sponsorship services which includes in depth ongoing summary evaluation and assessment. Our services includes:

  • Develop a sponsorship plan.
  • Potential sponsor revenue analysis & pricing making
  • Design of the sponsorship program/leaflet/brochure. We establish different types of sponsorship which can be offered to potential sponsors. Some clients prefer exclusive agreements, others are open to multiple sponsorship arrangements
  • Acquiring sponsors
  • Identifying grant opportunities, administer the grant application and the disbursement process
  • Implement the sponsorship plan
  • Evaluate the sponsorship to the sponsees and to the sponsors.


We are experts in nurturing the relationship with the companies that the usually participate as sponsors. We communicate frequently with sponsors, praise their participation and request feedback on their experiences with your organization and the event or congress that they have sponsored.