Exhibition Services for Conferences  – Events – Seminars

Group Congress & Exhibition & Event Services offers professional exhibition management for congresses, exhibition & events.

Our company provides:

Before the Event:

  • Conference/Exhibition venue research & selection of the appropriate venue
  • Architectural designs & floor plans of the exhibition & congress venue including all the facilities & services required, such us :
    • conference/event halls
    • exhibition area
    • poster area
    • congress secretariat
    • speakers ready rooms
    • information points
    • coffee/lunch breaks
    • internet corner
    • business center
    • press area
    • organizing committee offices
    • presidentís office
    • PCO offices
    • storage areas
  • 3D graphics, video & holograms of the exhibition & the congress venue
  • Detailed event signage plan
  • Handling of contracts and financial management with the venue
  • Arrangement with all the suppliers
  • Detailed time schedule for all aspects of the exhibition

During the Event:

  • Construction of the standard shell scheme stands
  • Construction of bespoke stand builds
  • Construction of Congress Secretariat
  • Providing rental services for :
    • Standard Booths
    • Bespoke Custom Stands
    • Furniture -Electrical & Lighting Equipment
    • Audiovisual Equipment
    • IT Equipment
    • Flowers & Plants
    • Cleaning
    • Carpet & shell walling color
    • Freight forwarding & Custom Clearance
    • Catering
    • Delivery Labels
    •  Any Special Request
  • Providing Exhibitor Manual & Exhibitor order forms to the exhibitors and handling all their orders
  • Design, printing and installation of the Event/Congress Signage
  • Graphic & printing services(on site availability)
  • Pop-Up & Roll-up displays, modular displays, banners rental.Electrical Installation
  • Plumbing installation
  • Telecommunication installation
  • Wireless communication installation
  • Badge printing & lanyards
  • Bags with event logo
  • Access Control & Time Attendance in the exhibition booth or conference areas
  • Attendee tracking
  • Match making arrangements through the delegates
  • Security measures
  • Medical / First aid arrangements
  • Insurance for the exhibition and for the exhibitors(third party claims)
  • Logistic Services
  • Freight Forwarding & Custom Clearance of Stand Fitting material ñDelivery & Removal of Goods.
  • Storage & restocking of the empty cranes
  • Supervision of al the contractors, sub-contractors, bespoke booth contractors et.c. for the smooth running of the event/congress.
  • Experienced Host & Hostesses for booth staff
  • Photograph for booths
  • On site Exhibitors Help Desk & Exhibitor Manager for each event/congress
  • Dismantling exhibition

After the event:

  • Detailed financial report to the organizer
  • Statistical report to the organiser
  • Billing & invoicing all the exhibitors for additional services if needed
  • Digital photos of the event

Exhibition stands

Group Congress & Exhibition & Event services is a company who creates fixtures, exhibition stands, booths and display stands for events such as large public exhibitions, conferences, congresses , trade shows and temporary displays for business, museums, libraries and galleries.

Our work includes:

  • presenting ideas as sketches, scale plans, computer-generated visuals and 3D models
  • producing final specifications
  • overseeing the construction of the components and assembly and installation at the exhibition venue
  • handling orders for supplies
  • liaising with technical specialists such as audio visual staff
  • creating large format artwork for backdrops & stand components
  • designing vector based artwork for portable displays such as popup stands

Our people come from many different backgrounds such as industrial design/product design, architecture, interior design or graphic design. As with most of these disciplines there is a large requirement upon the following skill sets:

  • conceptual design
  • computer aided design (CAD) and 3D visualization
  • knowledge of safety, regulations and applicable standards
  • knowledge of current build methods
  • model making skills
  • programming of CNC devices

Our booths are usually constructed by multi-purpose exhibition systems such as Octanorm & Standex that may be used for the construction of smaller exhibition stands. For bigger exhibition constructions there are several different exhibit systems available and we usually conducted on a case by case basis. For larger stands such as double or triple deckers there is good knowledge of architectural build methods.

We work in conjunction with structural engineers to ensure the safe implementation of structural columns and beams. When designing larger stands the designer will take into account all local safety regulations, budget constraints, logistics, design aesthetics and any requirements for electrical and water supply.

Key factors for success to our projects:

  • Company’s corporate branding. The companyís logo always has the primary role in our designs. Products or events ëcome and goí but companyís logo awareness always need to be exposed.
  • Product or Event branding. Dynamic branding of the product or event but always under the corporate brand name umbrella
  • Adaptability. Our exhibit systems which are used for the constructions are easily to be adaptable in all locations considering heights, square meters, etc.
  • Attraction. The industry is always expanded and new innovative products are being launched. The competition is big and we know how our client can always attract the event or stand visitors. Large images, lighted boxes with fabric printings, clever short text phrases & slogans etc.
  • Cost effective (when needed). Venue and organizer pricing as well as the clientís approved exhibition program varies from event to event. The adaptability of our designs can easily follow.
  • Core elements & reusability. The main structural display of the exhibition design as well as some core elements can be repeatedly used from event to event .This reduce the cost of the total budget
  • Graphic Design. Our designers are expertise & specialize in exhibition designs and architectural plans for congress venue. They participate in the on-site team during the installation, operation & dismantling of the exhibition stand, in order to be familiar and part of what they have designed.
  • Shorted timelines. With long term co-operations we have succeed to reduce design, build, install and dismantle timelines.
  • Inhouse Storage & Freight forwarding. Our unique storage facilities make us more flexible with timelines and cost saving. Freight forwarding services include the delivery of materials to an exhibit space with our own trucks or mini van, removal of empty crates during the event, returning of the crates at the end of the event and delivery of materials to the carrier loading area.