Group Congress & Exhibition & Event services is a company who creates fixtures, exhibition stands, booths and display stands for events such as large public exhibitions, conferences, congresses, trade shows and temporary displays for business, museums, libraries and galleries.

Our work include:

  • presenting ideas as sketches, scale plans, computer-generated visuals and 3D models
  • producing final specifications
  • overseeing the construction of the components and assembly and installation at the exhibition venue
  • handling orders for supplies
  • liaising with technical specialists such as audio visual staff
  • creating large format artwork for backdrops & stand components
  • designing vector based artwork for portable displays such as popup stands

Our people come from many different backgrounds such as industrial design/product design, architecture, interior design or graphic design. As with most of these disciplines there is a large requirement upon the following skill sets:

  • conceptual design
  • computer aided design (CAD) and 3D visualization
  • knowledge of safety, regulations and applicable standards
  • knowledge of current build methods
  • model making skills
  • programming of CNC devices

Our booths are usually constructed by multi-purpose exhibition systems such as Octanorm & Standex that may be used for the construction of smaller exhibition stands. For bigger exhibition constructions there are several different exhibit systems available and we usually conducted on a case by case basis. For larger stands such as double or triple deckers there is good knowledge of architectural build methods.

We work in conjunction with structural engineers to ensure the safe implementation of structural columns and beams. When designing larger stands the designer will take into account all local safety regulations, budget constraints, logistics.