Scene Modular

Unique and ultra-light



Scene Modular is a fabric system with a selection of parts that enables you to customize your Scene experience. Scene Modular allows you to build straight fabric walls up to 3 meters (10′) tall at any width or create hanging banners from the ceiling.

  • Perfect for small public events, “step & repeat” and career days
  • Hang from the ceiling
  • Create backdrops and banner stands
  • Customized to your unique requirements

Where to use it

Scene Modular is perfect for marketing departments, sales divisions and recruiters that attend a variety of events in different shapes and sizes. Scene Modular is a customizable experience from day to day. It’s great as a compact display for holding events in crowded supermarkets one moment, and then a large open hall the next. customize it to suit you!


Scene Modular is flexible. It allows you to vary it’s length when you need to. Using screw-together poles, Scene Modular will allow you to, starting at 50 cm (19.7″), build in increments of 25 cm (9.75″) to create straight banners and back walls that vary in width on-demand. Each event is unique, so is Scene Modular.


All horizontal poles can be screwed together
Pole is extendable from 88 to 225 cm
Customizable width. Build as long as you want. Starting at 50 cm and available in increments of 25 cm

scene modular footprints

scene modular graphic measures guide

scene modular productsheet

scene modular smarthanger productsheet

scene modular ul setup