Stage Modular

Huge fabric walls


Stage Modular is the perfect solution to build large marketing surfaces with your own design. Stage Modular is a selection of individual parts that allows you to quickly assemble a Stage backdrop in any number of shapes, sizes and curves. With Stage Modular you can custom build in terms of height, width and various curvatures. Stage Modular is perfect for:

Where to use it
Stage Modular is perfect for light and portable walls at any tradefair. Since it’s easy to take with you, you can use it for all sorts of media, catwalk, on scenes or press events. You can also use it in public spaces where you require a large fabric wall to create attention and stand above the crowd.

Stage Modular is a fabric system meaning you can use the same graphic curved or straight. It is also a very compact system for the size of the wall it produces. You can uses the same Stage pieces for smaller walls and then compliment these with extra pieces to create a bigger wall at another event. It’s cost effective.

All horizontal poles can be inserted into each other and are held tight by magnets. Vertical poles screw together
Customisable height. All poles come in a standard height of 2,25 cm. Can be extended in lots of 1.10 m
Customisable width. Build as long as you want. Starting at 1.10 m and extendible in width in lots of 1.10

stage modular footprints custom

stage modular footprints

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stage modular tech 15

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