Pop-Up Network


Where to use it
Network is a great solution for smaller public events up to the larger trade fair floor. Network works great as a back wall or a solid space devider with print on both sides. Network can be used at sporting events for sponsor backdrops. Network can be used with Maxibit’s Frost shelving system for displaying products. Networks carry case turns into a desk making it a complete booth for smaller events.

Networks is a light system that is ultra compact. Is all metal frame makes it one of the smallest pop-ups on the market. It is a modular and you can use it’s curved or straight sections to stack in height and width to create special shapes, just like Lego. You can add shelves for products or small TVs etc. Like all Maxibit’s products it’s easily recycled since it’s made of anodised aluminium.

Network is unique in that it is made entirely from metal. It is modular and flexible and can be manipulated to suit your exact needs. It’s quite simply, lego for adults! Network is perfect for:

  • Large scenes and company events
  • Press conferences and sporting events
  • Displays and booths in shopping centres
  • Trade fairs and career days

GRAPHIC MATERIAL: Laminated paper or digital transparencies, matte or glossy
Front panel, curved: 68×223.5 cm. Side panel: 66×223.5 cm SquareEdge: 30.3×223.5 cm. Back panel, curved:80×223.5 cm. Straight panel: 73.3×223.5 cm Display counter (All-in-One): 163×85 cm
4×3 sections = 33 kg incl. graphics, lights & display counter

Pop up network productsheet

Roll up network allinone_footprints

Roll up network allinone_tech_desk

Roll up network graphic measures guide

Roll up network setup frost

Roll up network setup

Roll up network tech addsection

Roll up network_curved_to_straight

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Roll up network_footprints