Zap Roll Up

Faction & Desing


Where to use it?
Maxibit Zap is the perfect message bearer for any campaign. It’s a great accompaniment at small public events at shopping centers and transport hubs, like airports and trainstations. It’s a reliable system for sales represenatives to take with them on the road. It is great for press conferences and media events and will be the ideal choice for marketing in foyers and entry halls.

Maxibit Zap has the advantage of good design. It’s perhaps the most elegant on the market and, with it’s fines curves and minimalistic Swedish design will allow your premium brand to shine. Maxibit’s Zap is also 100% recyclable and utilised an anodised surface that is efficent to recycle. It’s parts are predominantlty metal for quality and durability.

  • Deploying in large quantities among sales reps
  • Small consumer events in public spaces
  • Large trade fairs for a great messages bearer
  • Career days and information check-points




WIDTH D2:850 mm* and 1200 mm*
HEIGHT: Standard 2250 mm (adjustable, 900–3000 mm)
WEIGHT: Approx. 4 kg with graphics and flight bag

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