Launchpack is the perfect desk for any occasion. But that’s not all. LaunchPack is also it’s own suitcase and conveniently transports into a suitcase for when it’s time to go home. LaunchPack is flexible with variations such as SoundPack, CookPack and ShowPack. LaunchPack is perfect for:

  • Taste testings (CookPack)
  • Small consumer events in public spaces
  • Information desks and check-in counters
  • Product presentations (ShowPack)

Where to use it
LaunchPack will quickly become a valuable hub for your next booth. LaunchPack is perfect for small public event in shopping centers, airports or foyers. Use ShowPack to display products whereever you are. LaunchPack is great at univerity career days and on small tradefair booths. LaunchPack is also great at a podium for press releases and public presentations on a scene.

LaunchPack is a great building block for your event. It’s greatest asset is it’s flexibility. LaunchPack can be anything from a plain desk to a showcase or a mobile food preparation unit. LaunchPack utilised the latest technology to allow you to display products under a clear counter top. Use this space to also build in containers for food or to hide a subwoofer for media events.


LaunchPack : 2.0.1: 1937 x 950 mm.
VERSIONS: LaunchPack ♦ CookPack ♦ SoundPack ♦ ShowPack
100% recycled plastic, aluminum, rubber
Podium:101x61x101 cm
Case: 101x61x27 cm
WEIGHT: 14kg

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