Solo Banner Roll Up

Light and mobile stand


Where to use it?
Solo is great for large scale sales operations, and will be the perfect display for sales reps out in the feild. Solo is the system of choice for information signs at airports, shopping centers and in hotel foyers. Solo is suitable for displaying campaign messages at all events from small public displays to the large trade fair floor. Solo is also useful at press conferences and media events to strengthen your message.

Solo’s biggest advantage is it’s light weight and ease of use. Solo is a fast system to set up that is perfect for sales reps that are out on the road and have little time to make a powerful presentation. It is easy to set up and can be mobilised within a few minutes. It is made of 100% recyclable material.

  • Large sales teams that need a light bannerstand in large quantities
  • Small consumer orientated event/campaigns in public spaces
  • As a campaign message bearer at trade fairs
  • Information points for company and shareholder meetings

GRAPHIC MATERIAL:All common materials, e.g. polyester
WIDTH: 850/610 mm
HEIGHT: Adjustable up to 225 cm
WEIGHT:1.2 kg excl. graphics and flight bag

solo roll up productsheet (1)

solo roll up setup

Solo roll up 3 graphic 850×2190

solo roll up footprints